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Engineering Services

The Inovar Engineering Team will assist you with your product design to decrease your time to market. Whether it is building electronics from a concept or designing a test to improve product reliability, our experts have the skill and knowledge to enable our customers to reduce their fixed engineering costs.

Product Design

Inovar employs a team a design engineers that can help bring your concept to market. Our expertise includes digital, analog, MPU, MCU, Power and Firmware design. Inovar performs both circuit and full system design for our customers.

Design for Manufacturing
& Layout Services

Inovar offers robust Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis as a service to our customers. Highly intuitive Valor software, integrated with our quality system, enables Inovar to simulate an electronic assembly. Critical design rules are enforced, a full pad-stack simulation is performed, and a comprehensive BoM/AVL comparison takes place – all before spinning the first fabrication. Valor DFM saves Inovar’s customers time and money. Potential design issues are detected and communicated before they have a chance to happen. Click here to learn more about Inovar’s New Product Services.

Our experienced team can assist you with board layout at any stage of design.

Design for Test

Inovar’s Test Engineering team is capable of implementing your existing test, or designing a new test solution for cost reduction and performance enhancement. Beginning in the prototype stage, we work closely with our customers to identify appropriate test strategy for all stages of manufacturing. Click here to learn more about Inovar’s Test Services.

System and Mechanical Design

Value-added services complete the package and fulfill the assembly requirements of our diverse customer base. By relying on our knowledge of industry trends and relationships, our customers have the benefit of a full packaging solution. By using our vertically integrated partnerships around the globe, Inovar can assemble the right vendors to compliment all of our customers’ product needs. Click here to learn more about Inovar’s Systems Manufacturing Services.

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