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Capabilities & Equipment

Inovar offers the equipment and support capabilities of a tier-1 EMS company, combined with unparalleled flexibility. Our 65,000 square-foot facility is designed specifically for flexible EMS.

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Facility   65,000 SqFt Temperature monitored, ESD flooring, Visual Factory
Software Systems   N/A Manex ERP, Valor DFM, CAD/CAM, Altium PCB Layout, SolidWorks Mechanical Design
Incoming Inspection Various N/A XRF Incoming inspection of metal to ensure RoHS compliance as well as diagnostics CMM Coordinate
Measuring Machine used for mechanical measurement
Micro Section & Scope Utilized to validate PCB structure FTIR Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. Used to identify organic and inorganic materials
5 SMT Lines     1 SMT Line Dedicated to Prototyping
ScreenPrint (5) DEK 20” x 20” Horizon03i • 14 second Cycle Time, 2D post print inspect, Stencil to Board Process Capability: 1.6 Cpk @ ±25µm
Solder Paste Inspection Cyber Optics N/A Paste Height
Pick n Place (14)     FX-1R
• Accuracy ±50µm
• 01005 placement capability
• 11x26.5mm or 20x20mm
• Accuracy ±0.05mm
• 01005 placement capability
• 11x26.5mm or 20x20mm
• Vision Accuracy, ±30µm - Laser
Accuracy, ±50µm
• 01005 placement capability
• Up to 75x7mm or 50x150mm
TR4D Matrix Tray System
Reflow Oven (5) Heller 20” x 20” 10 Zone Convection Oven – RoHS capable
Automated Optical Inspection (5) YesTech 22” x 20” Minimum Component Size: 0201; 01005
Defects Detected:
- Component: position, missing, wrong, polarity, skew, tombstone
- Lead: bent, co-planaarity
- Solder: open, insufficient, bridge
Selective Solder (1) Juki 18” x 18” Multiple nozzle, Multiple solder pot – Leaded & Lead-Free
Wave Solder (1) Electrovert 20” x 24” Vectra - Multiple Wave
Aqueous Wash Systems (4) Various 22” x 22” Austin American FC Mach III
- Inline Aqueous Wash
Aqueous Technologies AQ400
- Low Discharge Washer
Washer Aqueous Technologies SMT600-LD
- Low Discharge Washer
Aqueous Technologies Stencil Washer
- Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning System
Conformal Coat (2) PVA 24” x 20” X,Y,Z accuracy ±0.001 • Current chemistries: Dymax 9-20557, Dymax 984-LVUF
BGA Rework (1) Teradyne N/A Summit 750
X-Ray (1) Photon Dynamics N/A Includes 45’ angle
Potting (1) PVA 24” x 24” X,Y,Z accuracy ±0.001 • Current chemistries: Dow Corning 255
Flying Probe Test (1) SPEA 4040 20” x 20” 64 fixed probes • 4 flying probes
In-Circuit Test (1) Teradyne Z1880 1500 nets 5% utilization currently
Custom & Bench Test Multiple N/A

Includes various product customized fixtures to include bed of nails

Various bench test equipment includes Boundary Scan, VideoMaster, RF Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Bit Analyzers, RF Power Meters, Functional Generators, DMM’s, Power Supplies, Hi Pot Testers, Huntron Parametric Meters, Oscilloscopes and PC Systems.

ESS Burn-in Chamber (2) Test Equity 27 CuFt Range: -70 ºC to 200 ºC

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