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About Inovar

Our Purpose: To Improve the Lives of our Customer's Customer and the Inovar Family.

Inovar is a complete EMS company with service lines spanning from full-scale product design to end customer fulfillment. Inovar is management-owned and was founded in 1998. Over the past 15 years, we have grown to over 400 employees and operate 4 shifts on a 24 X 7 basis. Inovar has consistently been recognized as one of Utah’s fastest growing companies over that time frame.

Inovar’s growth has been fueled by dedicated employees, top-notch technical capabilities and outstanding customers. Many of our customer relationships are a decade old and we seek customers that truly embrace the contract manufacturing relationship as a partnership. Our customer selection process and breadth of vertical markets (Medical, Military, Communication and Industrial) has driven capability development and provided financial stability.

Inovar’s deep engineering resources and our commitment to quality drive continual process improvement and world-class performance for our customers. Inovar has over 25 engineers on staff and offers and myriad of engineering related services including test development and design.

Effective communication and responsiveness are critical to the success of any business relationship. Inovar serves customers via a CFT (Customer Focus Team) structure in order to align customer service, technical expertise and factory personnel all working on behalf of the customer.

The leadership team at Inovar recognizes that customers have a broad array of EMS choices. We believe that Inovar offers the best combination of execution, capabilities and access to executive management of an EMS company in the U.S. We welcome you to visit us at any time.

Our Offices

Inovar is strategically located in Logan, Utah, near the campus of Utah State University. A strong relationship with USU provides Inovar with a steady stream of labor as well as access to one of the most respected engineering schools in the United States. Our 65,000 square-foot facility is designed specifically for flexible EMS.


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